Collège de l’Île – Early Childhood Education

College de Lile

Training Summary

This pilot project in the field of early childhood education includes micro-credentials for 3 essential courses required for the provincial certification of employees of childcare centres.

The content, developed according to a competency-based approach, is placed on the Brightspace online training platform of the Collège de l’Île and is available through a continuous intake registration model. There are notable labour shortages in this sector, thus there is a very large demand for certified employees.

This new delivery model at the Collège de l’Île is in response to a request from employers to facilitate access to the 3 courses required by all employees working in a childcare centre in P.E.I.  It also allows centres to maintain their designation by having certified employees more quickly. In order to be admitted to these 3 basic courses, an assessment of skills is required to verify whether prior learning recognition needs to be carried out.

Continuous Intake

Early Childhood Educator – 3 basic courses in continuous intake micro-credential format:

  • Preschool Development (Développement préscolaire)
  • Curriculum 1: Play at the Heart of Learning (Curriculum 1 : le jeu au cœur de l’apprentissage)
  • Indirect Support Relationships (Relation de soutien indirecte)


Admission Criteria or Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for these 3 courses are an equivalence of a high school diploma.

Training Length

Each course has a duration of 45 hours, alternates between content and practice, and uses pedagogical support such as video capsules, podcasts, simulations and others.

The Preschool Development and Curriculum 1: Play at the Heart of Learning courses are combined with a 30-hour laboratory.

Diversity and Inclusion

These 3 courses are open to all and can help improve employment opportunities for newcomers and underrepresented groups, or for people looking to change careers, improve their skills or re-enter the workforce.

Community Partner and Employers

Collège de l’Île has a partnership agreement with Collège Boréal in Sudbury, ON, for the development of content in micro-credential format and according to a competency-based approach.

This training meets the needs expressed by the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’apprentissage continu, autonomous early childhood centres and the Association des centres de la petite enfance francophone de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard (ACPEFIPE), which comprises 5 Francophone early childhood centres.