Equity & Diversity

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Atlantic Colleges are dedicated to equity diversity and inclusion as they embark on an innovative transformation of the college system in Atlantic Canada. We work on enhancing accessibility for our current and future students to build a more diverse workforce and inclusive economy in the region.

A substantive focus is placed on the following to achieve equitable outcomes for all learners:

  • Eliminating systemic barriers to education and employment
  • Providing more flexible program delivery options
  • Designing culturally responsive programs

The ACA Innovation Centre is facilitating access to training and resources, while supporting collaborative sharing networks across the Atlantic college ecosystem. Together, we want to foster welcoming and inclusive learning environments.

Please visit the “Teaching and Learning” tab for resources to support equitable, inclusive teaching practices (i.e., resources pertaining to decolonizing and indigenizing curriculums; approaching inequities in PSE; Universal Design for Learning; Culturally Relevant Pedagogy; etc.).